Possible Consequences of Russia’s Accession to the WTO

Pages: 21-27


Zagashvili V.S.

Doctor of Economics, Professor
Place of work, post: Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Department of Economics, organization and management - docent


Joining the WTO will bring with itself competitive stimulus in which the Russian economy is in great need. It meets requirements of national manufacturers, aspiring to expand their operations in the world market, and contradicts interests of those companies which are not aimed at gaining the markets of other countries, and, on the contrary, demand from the government to protect them from foreign competition. It is possible to agree that the influence of the accession to WTO will have a postponed effect on the national economy. Nevertheless, it will be, most likely, rather
notable and will stimulate the modernization of the Russian economy and will become a positive factor of its strategic development.


The World Trade Organization, Russia, economy, foreign trade.


12 - 2019

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