What Does Russia’s Membership in the WTO Promise and What Does Not Affect?

Pages: 28-32


Obolensky V.P.

Doctor of Economics, Professor
Place of work, post: Center of the Institute of Economics; The Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Professor


The article speaks about the advantages received by Russia as a result of its joining the WTO. It refutes the viewpoint that the membership in the WTO will become a serious obstacle in the way of the structural reconstruction of the economics of Russia and the realization of industrial
politics. The article states that the task of state structures and domestic business is to master main points of the legal documents of the WTO and to learn how to acteff ectively and correctly within the boundaries of the regulations fixed by them.


The WTO, advantages of the membership in the WTO, industrial politics and the regulations of the WTO, mastering of the regulations of the WTO.


12 - 2019

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