Adjustment of export support system: principles and approaches

Pages: 86-92


Shkolyar N.A.

Doctor of Economics, Professor
Place of work, post: The Russian Embassy in Mexico, Economic Advisor


This article analyzes development of system of the state support of export to the Russian Federation. During the analysis the reasons of its insufficient inefficiency are established, the principles of its adjustment and a way of elimination of limiting factors are offered, and also priorities are established, the list of the directions and the main actions of new ≪road map≫ of support of export is described. The author conducts research of the mechanism of support of export in regions, and also new documents of the state organizations in this area and makes recommendations about improvement of the mechanism of support of export of processed production by the Russian enterprises, emphasizes value of activity of Export insurance agency of Russia which started issue of insurance policies to exporters.


Russia, export support system, adjustment principles, industry and country priorities for exports, the National Agency for Export Promotion.


7 - 2022

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