Russia’s participation in multilateral export control regimes as a tool to protect the interests of Russian exporters

Pages: 44-55


Revenko L.S.

Doctor of Economics, Professor
Place of work, post: MGIMO (University), профессор

Revenko N.S.

PhD in Politics
Place of work, post: RANEPA, Head of the Department of International Cooperation


The article considers the use of export controls as a non-tariff regulatory measure. It contains information on the existing multilateral export control regimes (the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Zangger Committee, the Missile Technology Control Regime, the Australia Group, the Wassenaar
Arrangement), on major elements (legislation, lists, license, law enforcement) and common functioning principles of national export control systems of all countries, on the Russian export control system. The authors clarify the terms ‘Catch-all’ and ‘Catch-more’, explain the importance
of Russian participation in multilateral export control regimes and suggest a measure to undercut negative influence of export controls on Russian exporters.


Export control, multilateral export control regimes, non-tariff regulatory measures. V.V.


10 - 2019

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